Ruben Bock – Investment Manager

Ruben’s purpose is to help clients achieve their investment goals and, thereby, play a small role in the allocation of capital for a broader social benefit.

Ruben started his professional journey in 2005 at Ernst and Young as an auditor. In 2008 he made a move into the retail broking environment, which in 2012 culminated into an in-house portfolio management role with a Melbourne-based wealth manager. In this role he was responsible for the investment strategy across 5 managed accounts (high growth through to conservative), which invested in direct shares, passive-style funds, smart-beta funds and actively managed funds across the major asset classes (domestic and global shares, listed property, listed infrastructure, fixed income and cash). He was also responsible for the operational requirements to implement this investment strategy. In 2024 he moved to Akambo in a similar role as an investment manager.

Ruben’s value add is to make the complex seem simple, and also, the delineation of simple but critical factors behind investment leadership.

Ruben’s areas of expertise include 20+ years of investment management and market experience

Ruben is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA, 2017) and is a Bachelor’s in Commerce (Uni Melb, 2004)

Outside of work, Ruben has 3 children and, tragically, continues to pursue a variety of sporting conquests that should be left to younger and more talented people.

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