Gwynn Kijkanakorn – Portfolio Services Manager

Gwynn completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Melbourne, with a double major in Finance and Management. He’s had experience in Management Consulting, having done two internships/projects within that field in the past – one with Accenture in 2023 and another at Akambo within the same year.

Gwynn’s passion lies in the financial markets, particularly in the realms of data analytics and technical analysis. His enduring interest in this field naturally guided him to become a member of the investments team. A core value that resonates with Gwynn is to consistently meet, if not, surpass clients’ expectations. He firmly believes that delivering on promises and going the extra mile are paramount for ensuring client satisfaction.

Outside of work, Gwynn enjoys spending time in the outdoors, playing golf on the weekends, travelling the world, and creating new memorable experiences.

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