March Newsletter

Posted On: March 15, 2021

After an eventful summer, of weather extremes, on-again off-again lockdowns and the swearing in of a new US President, many will be hoping that Autumn ushers in a change of more than the season. As the vaccine rollout begins, there are also promising signs that economic recovery may be earlier than expected.
While many retires are understandably reluctant to tap into their super too quickly, super is unlikely to be your only source of retirement income. Our first article looks at ways you can make the most of your assets to fund your retirement.

The change of season is also a good time to prune back your finances to promote future growth, we show you how.

And our final article looks at how to achieve financial harmony with your nearest and dearest. It can be challenging to be on the same page with your loved one about financial matters, but clear and open communication can pave the way for a unified approach.

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