Investment Management

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Akambo International Equities Fund

The Fund has a multi-style approach, with investment rationale at times driven by value, growth, momentum, income generation and event driven opportunities. Overarching this is a focus on quality – most of the Fund’s investments are large capitalisation and tend to have strong brand awareness with the Fund’s investor base. The investment philosophy embraces a long-term approach, though this does not preclude the Fund from taking shorter term opportunistic positions.


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Managed Accounts

Our Managed Account allows clients to invest in domestic and global multi asset portfolios that are professionally managed and follow a defined investment strategy. The Investment Mandate outlines the features and parameters of the Managed Portfolios and Investment Options (portfolios) that are accessible through an Adviser. By using a Managed Account there is ability to consolidate other investments held and benefit from consolidated management, execution and reporting. The underlying holdings, transactions and investment performance can be viewed on a daily basis. In addition, beneficial ownership of the underlying assets is retained.

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Bespoke Portfolios

Bespoke Managed Portfolios include: The Akambo Australian Large Cap Concentrated Portfolio, Akambo International Equities Portfolio, Akambo Equity Income Portfolio and the Akambo Wholesale Global Opportunities Portfolio. There are also a range Fixed Interest solutions to address the income needs of individual investors, SMSF’s and Not For Profit’s.








Our process

Our investment process focuses on generating appropriate risk-adjusted returns. We achieve this by utilising internal expertise combined with high quality external research.

This combination ensures a balanced approach to our investments.

We work with private investors, financial advisors and institutional clients.

Our philosophy

The investment philosophy of Akambo begins from the perspective that clients are seeking (and deserve) a transparent and flexible solution. We embrace a holistic view of a client’s circumstances and seek to meet their goals and objectives through best of breed solutions and products, with a personalised and interactive service.

We believe that active management helps deliver a flexible, proactive, value-added overlay to our portfolios.

Our approach

With over 100 years of experience across the investment team, we provide a disciplined approach to achieve financial returns for investors through the slew of economic, social and market cycle evolutions.

With a focus on quality, we look to navigate financial market cycles by identifying structural growth tailwinds from around the globe and marrying them with the business cycle.

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